Welcome to RMD Masala

RMD is a brand of Balajee Food Product, Patna, Bihar. A company that associates itself with quality and latest technology. Please visit www.rmdmasala.com for other exciting and novelty spices products. We have wide range of spices of India. Established in 2005 and owned and managed by a professional enterprise, the company its standing in the competitive market.

Today RMD MASALA is present in every household, be it the Haldi Powder, Dhaniya Powder, Mircha Powder, Garam masala, Chat masala, Chicken masala, Chana masala, Paneer Masala etc. or Special Spices with name that has come to symbolise purity, integrity with an unmatched entity. Balajee Food Product is backed that have had a rich experience both in the field of consumer products. This is my space where I can share who I am and what I do best - bringing fresh food to the table -celebrating food. Hope you enjoy my space as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.